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As no two logistics assignments are the same and every day counts for our customers, the right solution has to be found in a very short space of time for dismantling, transport, storage, cleaning and repair as well as set-up and commissioning.
You continue focusing on your day-to-day business and we handle all the logistics for you. For us, it does not matter whether you just want to move a single machine within your business or want to relocate all your production overseas. We plan each project meticulously and implement it professionally.

A well-coordinated team of 10 experienced installers is available to ensure the logistics run smoothly. Working in close collaboration with reliable carriers, in recent years we have been able to transport thousands of machines and accessories quickly and securely to their destinations in Germany and abroad – where they are immediately integrated back into the production process.

Dismantling and shipping

Detailed project planning, highly qualified installers and professional installation and transport equipment not only save money, but also calm the nerves.

This applies to the moving of a single machine but also to the relocation of an entire business while production is still ongoing. Our own experienced installation team is equipped to handle any eventuality and can act at short notice to meet any deadline.

Flexibly adjustable universal lifting beams, transport carriages with a high load capacity and hydraulic jacks, or our compact electric trolley which can be used to manoeuvre even machines weighing up to 30 tonnes at the push of a button through the narrowest aisles, are just a small selection of our range of modern loading equipment.

The issue of securing the load is a challenging task particularly with used machines, for which the original transport packaging is generally no longer available. To ensure that your machine survives being transported unscathed, our installers not only have high-quality securing equipment that can be used in flexible ways, but also have a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience when it comes to securing loads safely.

Transport and storage

From a simple transport order to a complex special consignment with a police escort, whether within Germany or worldwide. Our very well trained employees ensure that every machine reaches its intended destination safely.

To ensure a troublefree process delivered on time, all the project coordination is done centrally via our internal order processing department. This begins with organising suitable transport vehicles, requesting transport and export permits, through to the final operational planning. You are constantly kept informed of the current project status by being in direct contact with our service team.

If the machine cannot immediately be delivered to its final destination, for example because the new production facility has not yet been completed, temporary storage in our modern and temperature-controlled halls is possible. All the loading can be done directly in our hall with our two integrated 25 and 40t cranes. This means your machine is protected from the effects of the weather outside at all times.

Installation and commissioning

Does your machine not just need to be delivered, but also installed on site, set up and commissioned? We are of course also happy to offer these services to you.

With more complex installation situations or if in connection with this additional machines need to be moved or relocated, our specialists will take a look at the circumstances with you directly on site and work with you to coordinate the whole project schedule.

Once the machine has been installed, it is professionally set up and reassembled. As we have frequently also already performed the dismantling of the machines, our experienced installers know exactly how to reassemble them, and the impact on your ongoing production process remains small.

Once the machine is finally in place, it should of course swiftly be commissioned and integrated into the existing production facility. If you wish, we will also be happy to organise the commissioning by an engineer who specialises in your type of machine.

Cleaning of refurbishment

EA machine tool is used primarily as a means of production. Certain signs of wear are therefore completely normal on used machines. As we attach great importance to being able to offer our customers high-quality, well-maintained machines, machines which we receive in stock are professionally cleaned, technically inspected and if necessary repaired and geometrically measured.

Maschine servicing

A high level of availability of your machine tool is a crucial factor in allowing you to manufacture economically at all times. Preventive maintenance and quick response times in the event of a fault help to prevent lengthy downtimes.

When you purchase one of our machine tools, you can also benefit after making the purchase from our network of service providers that has been built up over many years. Speak to us if you require our assistance with any servicing.

Machining service and logistic inquiries

Movements, installations or technical issues

Feel free to challenge us and profit from our strengths!

  • An established and experienced installation team comprising engineers and fitters
  • High-quality equipment
  • Collection at short notice across Europe
  • 3,700 m² of heated halls with heavy-duty cranes, high voltage current and compressed air connections
  • Business relocations (even with production ongoing)

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