Previously owned machines

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Machine & company acquisition

We buy your used machine tool or provide the acquisition of your entire or partial business.

For more than 20 years now we engage in valuation, acquisition and sale of new and used machine tools including appropriate accessories.

Since the construction of CNC Outlet Center – a demonstration center and selling space for modern machine tools and accessories – we continued focusing on our business of used machines including valuation, acquisition and securing of used machine tools as well as the acquisition of entire businesses. In 2014 we could sell more than 200 used machines and made a volume of approx. 20 million Euro.

In consequence of this experience we now are in great demand e.g. of bank institutes, leasing companies and liquidators and we are consulted for issues about valuations and liquidations. Together with our experienced team we prepare professional status reports Europe wide and we realize professional collection, securing and liquidation of used objects as well as liquidation of entire or partial businesses (business liquidation) with trouble-free delivery.

Additionally, we are increasingly consulted by production plants to prepare valuations of single machines or whole technical installations and objects. For these companies, we are able to verify collateral f.i. during lending by house bank or provide you short-term

liquidity by our financial service. Find further information here.

This experience in combination with our financial resources permits us to evaluate your machine tool in line with the market and acquire it at fair terms from you.

Of course, we do assure a trouble-free purchase of your used machine. These include the entire payment before disassembly, professional output, effecting shipment and transport by our service team consisting of more than 10 experienced professionals.

You’re welcome to send us data and images of your machine for sale or get in touch with our contact person, Mr. Markus Braun.

Purchased machine tools until now

Due to our corporate history, we are specialized in acquisition of used machines and industrial facilities of the metal working sector. Basically, we deal with conventional lathes, CNC lathes, automatic lathes, universal lathes, turning- / milling machines, turning milling centers, vertical lathes, multiple spindle lathes, conventional milling machines, CNC milling machines, 4-axis horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, 3-axis vertical machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, 3-axis machining centers, surface grinding machines, cylindrical grinders, travelling column milling machines, portal milling machines, boring mills, boring mills with rotary plate, eroding machines, gear cutting machines.

We are recently searching for the following machines for our customers:

  • Alzmetall GS 1000
  • Anayak VH Plus 3000
  • Correa Supra
  • DMG DMC 635 V
  • DMG DMC 835 V
  • DMG DMC 1035 V
  • DMG Mori HSC 75
  • DMG Mori HSC 55
  • DMG DMU 200P
  • DMG DMC 125U
  • DMG DMU 80P
  • Emag VT 2
  • Emag VL 4
  • Gildemeister CTX 400
  • Gildemeister CTX 310 ecoline V3
  • Gildemeister CTX 510 ecoline V3
  • Hermle C 40U
  • Index ABC
  • Index C 100
  • Index C 200
  • Index G 200 Y
  • Index G 250
  • Index G 300 Y
  • Index G 300 Y/B
  • Mazak Integrex 300
  • Okuma MH 500
  • Okuma MH 600
  • Spinner PD 32
  • Traub TNA 300
  • Traub TNA 400
  • Traub TNA 500
  • Traub TNX 65


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