G + S Tools - Melt down your machine tool costs!

Configure your individual cost efficient tool package with us.

Choose from a large variety of new high quality tools from our partners EWS and URMA and complement your configuration with our "used tools" on best terms.

At the moment there are no articles available for the chosen category.

Find an excerpt from our current offers below

  • Get new tools from our premium partner EWS,
  • as well as new high class tools from Urma,
  • drills and milling cutters for virtually any use case, from universal machining and aluminium machining to hard machining.
  • We are offering tools from multiple high class manufacturers such as Garant, Holex, Guehring, Fraisa u.v.m
  • we are perfectly well-read with HSS, VHM, HPC, MTC, ZOX, radial milling, torus milling, scrubbing milling, slot-milling
  • You can find all established diameters beginning with micro milling up to 32mm scrubbing milling.
  • Multiple reamers and machine screw taps hpts. HSS.
  • Numerous cutter heads and solid drills by Sandvik and Ingersoll including cutting inserts.
  • Tool holders for lathes (propelled and fixed, axial and co-axial).
  • Many tool holders for drilling machines of all established types such as SK40, SK50, BT40, HSK63 etc.
  • Moreover we offer Weldon, welding tongs, Wohlhaupter.
  • You can acquire Caliper gauges, micrometers, dial gauges at low prices.

Tools supporting your success

We are offering thousands of tools for metal working. You have the free choice: do you e.g. need a HSS drill, thread mills or a ready-to-use tool holder including molding cutter with four bits and a cooling chanel? Or do you need elements of a Wohlhaupter multi drilling machine like a base tool holder or a spacer sleeve? Then we are your choice!

We are offering a high number of used but as good as new machine tools nevermind what you need.

If you need machine tools we are not offering at the moment please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will take care for your request in person.

Currently offered tools and manufacturers

  • Garant
  • Guehring
  • Holex
  • Ingersoll
  • Sara
  • Atorn
  • Wohlhaupter
  • D’Andrea
  • Eyltool
  • Kennametal
  • Bilz
  • WNT
  • Jongen
  • Pokolm
  • Sandvik
  • Walter
  • Precitool
  • Rineck
  • ZCC
  • Karnasch
  • Mitsubishi
  • Komet


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