For already more than 20 years G+S Werkzeugmaschinen is advising customers not only on the acquisition of new and used machine tools, like e.g. CNC Lathes, milling machines / machining centers, grinding machines, boring mills and portal milling machines, but as well on all appropriate services like machine transport, financing, liquidity sourcing by sale and lease back, company dissolutions, valuation and purchase of used machine tools and accessories.


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Inform yourself about our range of services. We are your experienced advisors on transportation, financing (leasing, hire-purchase, credit), start-up, service, acquisition and valuation of your machine tools as well as on liquidity sourcing and entire company acquisition or liquidation.

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Your partner for purchasing and selling new and used machine tools as well as for all machine relevant financial and logistic services.

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Since 1992 G+S Werkzeugmaschinen is your reliable partner in the metal-working industry. The core competencies of our now 30 highly qualified and experienced professionals include the acquisition of capital goods, above all, machine tools including all appropriate equipment and accessories.

Since the start of CNC Outlet Center in 2013 and the already realized extension of its building, G+S Werkzeugmaschinen is now able to present up to hundred machines on about 3.000 m² of presentation and storage area: Find used, refurbished, demonstration and new models always ready for live demonstration.

The product range of G+S Werkzeugmaschinen is topped off with all services for machinery. In addition to the live demonstration during purchase, our customers get professional advice on topics like disassembly, transport safety device, output, shipping, transport, insertion, warehousing, assembly, repair, refit, start-up and service.
In addition, customers can request financing offers for machine tools. Hire-purchase, leasing and credit are common options, even at the use of subsidies.

G+S Werkzeugmaschinen provides its customers support on liquidity sourcing, e.g. by sale and lease back or as well on acquisition of used and new machine tools and accessories. By now business owners, bank institutions and liquidators, too, make use of G+S for valuation and valorization of entire businesses and for processing partial or entire business liquidations.

From 1993 a variety of well-known manufacturers trust in sales support by G+S Werkzeugmaschinen and CNC Outlet Center. These included and include companies and brands like DMG Ecoline, EWS, EMAG Junker GDW, Geibel und Hotz, Hedelius, Heller, Hommel Gruppe, Nakamura-Tome, Quaser, UVA, IFS, Index, Breuning IRCO, Intertex, Junker, Kummer, Makino, Pfiffner, Roll Klaeger, SHW, Traub, Urma, Wenzel and much more.

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Exhibition on 365 days a year – Visit the worldwide unique, manufacturer independent CNC Outlet Center for machine tools. On about 3.000 square meters of exhibition and storage area you find immediately available new and demonstration machines of well-known manufacturers as well as the latest products of leading manufacturers of machine tools and accessories, who present their selves on own presentation areas: www.cnc-outlet.de


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